Is about bring through loved ones and friends

through who have died (passed over )
The  Medium doing proof of Survival ( Medium should be able to give you a description of the person of who they are bringing through to you

How Tarot Cards Originated
Tarot Cards originated from the 15th Century 
because people were forbidden to talk to each other
so they started drawing pictures and
then they started to read them and that was how
Tarot Cards started
It is a very accurate  way of Reading your future
about anything that comes up in the Reading or
anything specific you need to know
I run a 1 Day Workshop on Tarot Cards

Numerology is about Numbers
it tells you about your 
Life - Life Path
What number you are
What year you are in 
What it means when you have numbers missing
1:  Individuality     -       Independent    -    Attainment
2.  Relationship    -       Co-operation   -    Association
3.  Expression      -       Creativity         -    Activity
4:  Limitation        -       Order               -    Service
5:  Freedom         -       Expansion       -    Adventure
6:  Balance           -      Responsibility  -    Love
7:  Perfection        -      Analysis          -     Understanding
8:  Accomplish      -      Ambition         -     Action
9:  Selflessness    -      Brotherhood   -     Completion
11/2:  Inspiration - Intuition - Illumination
22/4:  Master Builder
Is about Reading the Hands
It can tell you about your Health
What emotional crisis you have been through
How many Relationships you will have
How many children you will have
Whether you will travel
Your life span
Whether you are Psychic or not
Palmistry Workshops 
Can be basic 2 Days
             or a
 6 - 12 month Course

Spiritual - Personal - Development Course

Course goes for 6 weeks and is for 2 hrs weekly

Week 1.     Meditation  / Mindfulness
Week 2.     Dealing with Challenges                            
Week 3.     Body as a Barometer                            
Week 4.     Gratitude
Week 5.     Finding Your Life's Purpose
Week 6.     Ascension


Spiritual Healing

Inner Child and Healing the Past Hurts Healing

Inner child healing is about going back to your
childhood and dealing with the hurt and letting it go 
as if you do not do that you stay the victim  

Space Clearing is about keeping the Chi energy
flowing in you Home by De clutter  - Smudging
and a bit of Feng Shui 
it then clears your house or office
of negative energy
and  then your life flows and
brings luck and calm to your house
and everyone that lives there