News And Events
Hello Everybody,
I have been to England to the Arthur Findlay College in England doing a course on
 Mediumship it was the most enlightening experience it has built my confidence 
 and I have changed the way I run the Development class and my students love the changes
 Over in the U.K they have so much respect for the Spirit world they dress as if they are
 going out to dinner to do Proof of Survival on platform and their alliance is with the
 Spirit world first and then to who ever they are giving the message to it is the greatest
 experience you could ever have.This was back in 2009 
I have made a big move to Shepparton Victoria I feel I was moved by Spirit as nothing
 has changed with my work very much but other doors are opening which is very exciting
 for me. After  3 years in Shepparton I have now moved to Wallan Vic where i have opened a 
Spiritual Centre on Sunday 10th April 2016 started at 2pm and that will be the 4th Sunday of 
every month

On the 3rd Sunday of the month i have an Afternoon with Spirit with Question & Answer time and
 Proof of Survival (bringing through your loved ones) starts 2pm every month